Detox herbs

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Detox herbs

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This is a cleansing blend of only the finest hand selected herbs, a perfect aid to your detox. Our mix of Chamomile Flowers, Elderflowers, Peppermint, Skullcap & Yarrow makes for a great tea infusion to be added into your daily detox schedule. This blend of herbs will help keep your blood pressure at normal levels, helping you lead a healthier, more active & less stressed life. We get that your needs are individual, so whether you're having a detox regime for a couple weeks or simply looking to drink and live that little bit more healthily, our blend of herbs is your ideal solution.

How do I make a cup? To make a mug of your herbal blend tea, here at Speedrange we recommend adding a heaped teaspoon of the blend to a teapot or infuser, pour over your boiling water, and leave to infuse of 5-8 minutes. Then simply enjoy!

How does it fit into my detox? If your having a detox for a week or two, we recommend kick-starting and finishing your regime with two cups a day, And in the mean time, just a regular daily cup of our herbal blend tea, ideally in the mornings. If its just that healthier lifestyle you're after, this also makes a refreshing drink on its own, either hot or served cold as Ice Tea.

  • Cleansing blend of the finest hand selected herbs
  • Perfect addition to your detox
  • Ethically Sourced
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